There's so much I want to share with everyone. I am hoping this will be a place where potential students will come
and get information that will help them even before they start to study.  And maybe it will be a place where I can share my experiences as a professional singer for so many years.  Don't forget. . .I was a beginner once!  I often say that I took the "low road" to becoming a singer.  I studied with the wrong people, didn't trust my instincts about my voice, and was very conflicted about who I was as a singer.  Was I a musical comedienne?  Was I a singer/songwriter?  Was I really an opera singer or was that only a distant dream?  Discovering who you are and what you should be singing is a very important piece of the puzzle, so I was correct to be concerned. But  I felt guilty when I was singing anything except opera, failing to enjoy whatever I was singing when I was singing it!  The truth is, I was all those things.  We are all many things.  And yes, at some point we do have to more or less choose where we want to sing!  In a recording studio and in huge venues, miked to the hilt, or in an opera house or concert stage, never to be miked!  As it says in the bible and in the song by the Byrds. . .to everything there is a season, (Turn! Turn!) and a time for every purpose under heaven. 

Remember this and you will enjoy the journey of becoming a singer and discovering how you want to use your voice!  It's all good!  There is no one calling that is better than another.  Opera is no more a holy art than rhythm and blues!  Be open to the possibilities, and the chance that they may even overlap!  Just learn to sing! And pursue a technique that will serve you no matter what you sing!  That is the word I leave you with today.  Technique.  That which enables you to communicate with your voice because you already know how to produce it!  Pursue this and everything else will fall into place.

Bob Simpn
08/01/2012 12:00pm

Great intro. I'm reading it on my phone, but when I get to it on my computer, I'll sign up for updates and all that good stuff. Good for you!

08/01/2012 2:37pm

I don't sing. I rant - but I try not to. Welcome to the blogosphere. Nice opening shot.


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